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Advanced Material Exhibition, Shanghai

During 7-9th June Alloy Wire Int. and their  Representatives ‘Shanghai Epad International’ in China exhibited at the ‘Advanced Material Exhibition’ in Shanghai with very positive response.

“With invites going out before the exhibition to both existing customers and potential customers in China, it was great to see so many of them face-to-face”, said Candy of Shanghai Epad International. At the exhibition, new visitors to the Alloy Wire stand could see first-hand Alloy Wire’s products and find out how we provide customers with technical support to help them with their purchase.

Picture above : Candy Chen and Shengna Luo

The Alloy Wire International brand is becoming well known and a popular brand in China. This exhibition was an ideal place for Alloy Wire to exhibit because it attracted visitors from many different market sectors that we are involved in – such as advanced materials, heating wire, sealing materials etc. Visitors to our stand were looking for wire to resist corrosion, heating element wire or welding wire, and more.”

Candy concluded by saying “Overall it has been a success and consequently we shall be attending other exhibitions around China to continue the growth of Alloy Wire Int. and ‘Shanghai Epad International’.

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